Misanthrope II - EP

by Cel Damage

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released May 15, 2016

Guitar - Riley Tews
Drums - Josh Mathews
Vocals/Bass - Daniel Mathews

Guitar/Drums - Chris
Bass/Vocals/"Mixing" - Josh Mathews



all rights reserved


Cel Damage Apple Valley, California

We do this for fun.
We are making the music we want to hear.
We love what we do.
And...We love you.

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Track Name: Nowadays
They tell us to grow up, but when we do...
It's. The. Wrong. Way.
They say to get up and get a life, but...
Found. The. Wrong. One.
We don't need to,
We are just fine.
We will do what,
Is needed to get by.
We do this for fun.
Track Name: Jane Doe
You took her life away,
Selfish. Disgusting.
Afraid she's burying it deep down,
Leaving unidentifiable clues.
Left her an empty vessel,
Praying for it all to end.
She's nothing in her head,
She's trembling, she's crying.
Shattered. Left Defeated.
You should die a slow and painful death for what you have done.
A tortured soul.
Taking for granted their life,
You have no morals, no self-worth.
She feels like nothing because of you.
When it's you who should feel like nothing.
Like nothing.
Track Name: McGein
Force feeding garbage,
Borderline toxic waste.
Slogan to entice,
They've got you under their thumb.
Right where they want you,
Sheep to wolves.

TV Dinner,
Lost time with family.
Car Advertisement.
It's all,
Pollution. X2


Televised embarrassment.
Televised holy war.
Track Name: Nachos
On the edge of death.

Trampled by those who surround you.
Getting up to no avail.
Beat down within an inch of life.
Downward spiral never ending.

Try to take us down,
We won't give up without a fight.

Left to ride this chariot...alone.